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man tools rules


1 – Work comes first!
2 – Use the right tool for the job.
3– Safety third.
4 – Be prepared.
5 – Don’t shit where you eat.
6 – It’s better to have ten close friends than 100 shallow acquaintances.
7 – Religion and political views are like penises, it’s fine to be proud of yours but don’t wave it in other people’s faces.
8 – Try something new!
9 – Never leave a man behind.
10 – Measure twice (or more), cut once.
11 – Do more shit!
12 – Friends & family enrich life, no one remembers a lone wolf.
13– Work with your hands somehow, even if it’s not your profession.
14 – Learn to play an instrument.
17 – Nothing good ever happens after midnight… but sometimes something fun does.
18 – When you meet someone shake their hand with a firm grip and look them in the eye.
19– If you have a gut feeling, it’s probably right.
21 – Beer is great, but learn to appreciate wine and spirits too.
29 – Your ancestors survived because they were the fittest, act like it.
33 – If your woman loses her shit, find it and you’ll be fine.
37 – Choose your hill carefully, don’t die on one that doesn’t matter.
44 – Fill your life with work; it will keep you sane, distracted and out of debt emotionally and financially.
45 – The more a dog barks, the less likely it is to bite.
46 – When you have a problem with someone, talk to them. Don’t bitch about it behind their back or on social media.

77 – "If someone tries to harm you or your family... It is your duty as a man not to hold back. Take vengeance and destroy them." - @MasculinePeak
80 – If you’ve got a shed, you’ve got a bar!

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